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Protecting your investment, the lives inside it and doing it with style.

At Road Armor we pride ourselves in building the ultimate replacement bumper. A bumper that adds utility and function to your vehicle while simultaneously making it a safer place for its occupants. Even our rear bumpers are designed to hold a winch. We receive testimonials regulary from grateful customers whose lives they believe were spared thanks to our bumpers, and first responders who see these kinds of accidents every day and know what the alternative looks like. Road Armor bumpers are battle proven and trusted by the United States and allied forces. That's why we say "Rule the Road", because with Road Armor replacement front and rear bumpers, your truck or jeep is transformed into a warrior poised to protect and prepared to defend.

We were the first to create a multi faceted steel bumper design and have led the industry since 2000. There are a lot of other manufacturers on the market these days, we encourage you to learn the difference - The Road Armor difference - because not all replacement bumpers are created equal. There's no substitute for the Original Road Armor Bumpers, 100% Made in Texas, USA and backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.

Road Armor | Rule the Road


We have long supported our nations military and first responders. Whether active or retired, police or fire, we honor our country's first responders by an ongoing 15% discount when purchased direct from Road Armor.

Road Armor is an involved member and contributor to the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit which holds an annual event at the Historic Ft. Worth Stockyard to honor his legacy and raise funds for Guardian for Heroes

We also collaborate with the Green Beret Foundation to further their efforts.

In honor of our fallen warriors, with hand over heart and eyes on the horizon we pledge we will never forget what you stood for, we will carry the torch of your legacy, we will fight to protect your memory.

"It is our duty to serve those who serve us." - Chris Kyle

Road Armor Challenge Coin

Challenge Coin

If you have one of these it was either handed to you by one of us or it has been passed to you in the long standing challenge coin tradition. Either way you should be aware it has more than just cool value. The serialized Road Armor challenge coin can be cashed in for a hefty discount.

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Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit