Our classic stealth series makes a great addition to any truck, Toyota Tundras look especially good with our Stealth series bumpers on them. Our Stealth is offered in both winch and non winch, a base, prerunner, and a lonestar model, all models include light ports for 4 cubes so you can light up the night wherever you may be. There is also an option for a twenty inch light bar instead of the winch if you desire that extra bit of light for those long dark nights on the road. With the front holding up to a 12k winch and the rear a 9.5k winch you can confidently navigate the trickiest of trails worry free of getting stuck. Both the front and rear have a shackle mounts that way you can pull your friends out whenever they get stuck, and you can be confident that your bumper won't move no matter how bad they are stuck.. Our rear Stealth also includes two light ports for sr series lights that can either be hooked up to a switch or to your vehicle's reverse lights.