Texas Twisters Test Road Armor's Mettle

Texas Twisters Test Road Armor's Mettle. It's no secret that Road Armor bumpers have been tested in the heat of battle. They have survived IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan; endured small-arms fire on the US/Mexican border; and been utilized on numerous emergency vehicles all across America. So it was gratifying to find our Stealth bumpers on the front line once again as Ford's F-550 Rescue Truck Concept Vehicle was drafted into service to provide tornado relief duty in Texas last weekend.

The emergency rig was on display at the Houston Rodeo when the call came that twisters were touching down in Arlington and that local law enforcement could use a hand with search-and-rescue efforts. Unlike most concept vehicles, the F-550 was built to be fully functional and was outfitted with the best heavy-duty equipment to make it a potent force in any situation.

Road Armor's established reputation in the emergency vehicle industry led NewScope Marketing to go with a Stealth-series bumper as they began building this truck for Ford's commercial division. And when they arrived on the scene, the truck was immediately sent into the fray, entering areas inaccessible to normal fire trucks.
At the end of the day, this unique vehicle was on-site for more than 10 hours, providing support for the hundreds of police and fireman who answered the call. From here, the F-550 will continue with its scheduled stops all across Texas and Oklahoma before heading to Detroit this summer for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise.
Read the complete story in the New York Times.

Texas Twisters Test Road Armor's Mettle
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