If you are cruising the streets in a Ram Rebel looking for Raptors to run down why wouldn’t you want the ultimate Road Armor Replacement front bumper to do it with? They always say if you can’t Dodge it Ram it. With this Dodge Ram bumper you can live out those words. Your Dodge 1500 will thank you now and for years to come.  When you bought a Ram Rebel you were obviously purchasing something to stand out and break away from the norm. That is exactly what we had in mind when we designed the replacement bumpers for the Fast and Furious Ram. Now you can build your Ram like the Fast and Furious Ram with the full replacement bumpers from Road Armor bumper. With a Road Armor Replacement bumper your Ram Rebel will be transformed into a warrior poised to protect and prepared to defend you from whatever life throws your way. Get your Dodge Ram 1500 Front and Rear Bumpers online today at or from your nearest authorized dealer.