With a nod to the company's history of innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, DreamWorks Studios came to Road Armor to create and build several of the bumper systems adorning their alien creations in Transformers.  They knew what they were doing when they contacted us at Road Armor.  As do you since you are considering purchasing The Original Lifetime Bumper. If you already own the ultimate tow rig why wouldn’t you want to own the ultimate front end replacement bumper? With a Road Armor Front Bumper for your Chevy Kodiak you would only gain strength and personality to this beast of a truck. Whether you put thousands of miles a year on your truck hauling down the highway or just fun or show truck you can rest assured this premium Chevy 4500 and Chevy 5500 front bumper will help you arrive safely and in style. If you want to stand out and have a one of truck a Road Armor bumper for your Chevy Kodiak is a must have. It’s time to give that Chevrolet Front Bumper some love and transform your tow rig.