Llyod Hieb
Ford Superduty

"So far I have had one guy stop me while I was crossing 4 lanes of traffic just to ask me where I got the bumper. I gave him your web site as quick as I could with on coming traffic getting closer and closer. The next day I went to a business that sells some wheel drive parts and accessories, I was looking for d-ring shackles and PIAA lights. The owner saw me pull up and he was out looking at the bumper before I got out of the truck. After crawling all over it he told me that he sells Warn bumpers and that they couldn't hold a candle to mine (yours) and he wanted your address because he wanted to be a dealer for your bumpers. He may have got in touch with you already. I just want this bumper to look its best. I almost forgot to tell you my wife likes it so much she wants me to put one on the back."

Chase Frost
2003 Ford F-150

"First off the quality of the product and the workman ship is A++. I don't think that you could have not used any better metal and done any better of a job. All around you have a great product. Thanks for everything"

Travis McKenzie

"Im very pleased with my bumper. I LOVE IT. Ive had numerous compliments since I have got it on. I told Sandy I would send some pics after I got my lights in, so here's a few. Feel free to use them in any way to your advantage. Thanks for the great product."

Lou Beckwith

"It was a GREAT joy to see a 35% discount on bumpers to TDR members. I would have danced around the house if I wasn't handicap. I recently became a member of TDR and after reading 12 pages of forum posts, (one of which from someone stomping their feet and yelling Mama) all the air left my balloon when I saw the order deadline. My luck, a day late and a bunch of dollars short. I wish to extend to you my gratitude for the above board standards used at ROAD ARMOR. Far to often do we hear the complaints and seldom the congratulations deserved on your accomplishments. With the attitude of the ROAD ARMOR staff, nothing will prevent you from enormous success. You folks have a LOT of class. Although I'm not a customer (yet) but I'm sure I will be satisfied with your product and service. I'm saving my monies as this email is written. My hope is that one day you will extend once again the 35% discount to TDR members. Again, congratulations on an outstanding performance at ROAD ARMOR. "

Hummer H2

"All I can say is this thing is AWESOME!!! It looks like it is suppose to be part of the vehicle. I love this thing. It has been the best purchase yet for my vehicle. I am going to be getting the rear and the Atlas guard too. I have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has seen it."

Hummer H2

"I have received and installed the Road Armor bumper and my dealings with James and Road Armor have been exemplary. The product is one of the best manufactured products that I have seen. I have showed it to other fabricators and they rave about how sturdy and well made it is. The next question they ask is how much, followed by,"...I wouldn't make you one of those for that...". I will continue to do business with Road Armor and will recommend them highly to anyone that is looking for a first rate "functional" product for their H2."

Marilyn Flores
Ford Excursion

"You may ask.....why the heck does she call it "The Behemoth"......my plates that I blanked out in the photos actually say: B-HE-MTH. If you ever talk Jeff at 4-wheel parts in Houston.....they all know it as The Behemoth! :-)

Anyway, I ALWAYS have folks comment on my bumpers and ask me about them! If you have any tshirts, I would love to have one. (ps...this is for me NOT Victor! LOL) Anyway I wear a ladies medium if you have anything. I love the bumpers!!! They command attention and strike the fear of God in the vehicle in front of me! haha Well... part of that may be the psycho red head behind the wheel of a monster truck! LOL

2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD

"As a business owner I know how people are fast to complain yet slow or never to say thank you. This email is to say thank you for such a great product. We have your Road Armor bumpers front and rear on our 2007 Silverado 2500HD and were in a crash 2 weeks ago. A drug dealer on crack pulled out in front of us, nothing we could do. The truck is totalled and the world has one less drug dealer. However my wife (driver) and 10 year old son were fine with only minor bruises. We see that you get what you pay for with a Road Armor bumper, money well spent! Yes, the bumper is ruined, but it is amazing that the bumper too up alot of the impact. We have purchased your bumpers for 2 of our trucks and will continue buying your producy for all of our trucks in the future. We just purchased a 2007 1/2 GMC sierra 2500HD (new body style) and are anxiously awaiting your bumpers to come out for them.

Thank you for possibly saving my wife and sons life."

Aaron S. Wheeler
2002 Dodge Ram 2500

"Dear Road Armor, I have owned my stealth RA Bumper w/Titan Guard now for three years and it not only still looks great but it has also endured 2 deer strikes and 1 car accident without sustaining any damage. Ok, the car backing into the front of me scuffed the powder coat a little but that was it. I am extremely impressed with your product and even though the price may seem a bit high at first, this bumper has saved my truck 3 times and I know that has made a world of difference, it clearly has paid for itself more than once. It was worth every penny I spent for it and I am still glad I got it today, keep up the great work!

P.S. The first deer I hit I was doing 45mph, NO DAMAGE to the truck, one dead deer though."


"This is what happens to a roadarmor bumper when it hits a 30 ft. 18 in. dia. tree at 50 mph. the front fenders and hood were the only damage outside. the frame moved 6 inches, front of engin mounts, but every one inside was fine. The bumper not only saved our lives, it is saveable and will be on my next monster truck. The Bronco has a 6in. lift from superlift and there steering set up. Tires are Micky Thompson Baja Bear Claw 37 in. with 513 gears and locked up with ARBs front and rear. The real reason that I am taking the time to write is to say Thank you. It was your bumper in deed that saved my buddy his son and my two boys. So if anyone is triing to decide if they want to spend the money on a roadarmor bumper look at this and aks, How safe do you want to be for not only you but every one in your rig. The tree snaped off about 15 ft up and the truck and bumper up rooted the rest of the tree. Then the top portion droped on the hood of my truck. Roadarmor is the tuffest."